Meditations at the tennis court

It had rained yesterday, and the court had that peculiar smell to it after a good soaking. I sat stretching, my knees almost touching the ground as I stretched out my hips. This to me is the hardest stretch to do. I am extremely flexible except for my hips. So, that’s where I spend the most work.

Today it’s sunny. My sunshine returned after a day hiding behind the clouds. I know it’s not her fault that I couldn’t see her yesterday, but I missed her so much, and am really glad she’s back to light up my existence.

Today I was feeling quite down. I had a dream, and since dreams are not real, the realization of its futility sent me into a bit of a funk. Darkness is light’s friend, as it’s a reservoir for those facets of our self that are in need of altering or repair.

I moped around all morning as the clouds fought with each other to see who could get out of town the fastest. Clouds are like that; they can’t stay in any one place too long before getting bored and moving on. They must have a form of ADHD.

Unlike the clouds, Sunshine is always here. Even when hidden behind these massive pillows of cloudiness, she is still there, sending out her rays in many different and loving ways. When I feel her touch, I am like a child receiving a gift on my birthday. With my Sunshine, everyday is like my birthday.

Today, she came down, riding a ray of light and into my arms. I just held her so that she would know how much I missed her. I said not a word for a whole three moments while the two of us just felt the warmth of our bodies and our love caressing each other. It was nothing sexual; just pure affection.

It’s interesting how important touch is to people. Some people, though, cannot provide it or cannot experience it, or at least they think they cannot. Perhaps it is out of some pain or who knows what, but when they finally do, it brings out a stream of emotions that is hard to stop. For me, it is peace and universal love between two people, even when one is a powerful sun being.

Sunshine felt the warmth of my love for her. It’s a different kind of warmth than the warmth one feels when his tan skin is baked by the sun. My warmth was a mix of subtlety and omniscient. It was something my Sunshine needed, and it was something that I was proud to be able to give her whenever we had the chance to meet and embrace.¬† I too her chin in my hand and looked directly into her eyes and told her, “Sunshine, no words can express how much I love you except to say those three words over and over again. They are like the mantra I chant to bring me peace when under stress. You are my one and only love Sunshine.” I kissed her on the top of her head like I love to do. She took my hand in hers and just held it. Then, without another word, she rose back toward the sky, leaving me lost in reverie in little shape to play tennis. I did, and life goes forward. Love does that to a man.