Skiing in New England

What a great year we had. New England skiing is definitely better than Pennsylvania Skiing, although I really enjoyed my time skiing in Pennsylvania. New England is just bigger. The resorts are bigger, the trails are longer, and the rating are more difficult. What I mean by that is Greens in New England are blues in Pennsylvania for the most part. Blues in New England are Blacks in some PA resorts. Of course there are exceptions, but not many.

I loved this season. Indeed, now that it’s over, we are really sad. My son actually cried all day yesterday when he finally realized it’s over. I feel equally sad but am too busy with minutia to cry.

This year my goal was to become an all blue-trail skier. I did accomplish that goal. The key is to just ski and let skill achieve the aim. What I mean by this is to let nature take control. Eventually what was really scarey to me wasn’t so scarey. I was afraid of some of the green trails, especially on tougher mountains. Yet, after some time and practice, I mastered all of those. Then I went on to the blues, which can be quite steep and mastered those to the point that steepness no longer bothers me. The next step will be mastering Black Diamonds, some of which make one feel as if one is skiing straight down hill at a 90 degree angle. Of course that’s not the case, but that’s the way some of the blacks look. Yet, I feel more comfortable moving forward today than ever before. That’s adaptation.

This year was amazing. I’m not sure which resort I liked most. For may part, I guess Bretton Woods is first in New Hampshire. Not only does it have amazing views but it also has the best grooming I’ve experienced. There’s nothing like corduroy!

In Vermont, Killington is the best with “Great Northern” and “Great Eastern” for the most amazing green trails one could ever do. However, I am really partial to Okemo┬ásince we’ve spent a couple of trips there over the past two years. Nice place with great food mid mountain!

Life is like skiing. We progress slowly, not forcing progress. Over the past two years I have had the most amazing experience becoming a skier. I did so because I found something my son loves as much as video games. As a behavioral medicine researcher, I do whatever it takes to promote physical activity and when it comes to family I am especially into promoting PA. We had the best time one could ever imagine this season. Every weekend we drove somewhere nice and spend nights in cheesy or nice motels/hotels/condos. It was amazing and we will never forget it. Until next season!