Nature’s duality

Life is wonderful and miserable at the same time. That’s because duality is inevitable in nature. Light is counterbalanced by darkness. For every large individual there is a small individual. For every angry driver, there is a calm and placid person driving in the right lane of life. Indeed, life is filled with dualities.Yet opposites aren’t as different as they seem to be on the surface. Life naturally presents opposites and on multiple dimensions. These opposites allow us to find a happy median, somewhere in between the two, a place that is actually more than just a place; it’s a greater third thing, something better than either position alone. This divine third thing is a special reward for delving into and accepting one’s opposite. It takes a special person to go into the depths of the opposite and to emerge from it as a new whole being. Actually, there is a natural propensity to do so, although we fight against it for fear of losing the self to some primordial urges and becoming the feared monster of fairy tales old. We have hoped to rid ourselves of our primordial selves, but we cannot no matter how hard we pretend we can.

The healthiest individual has learned to swim in darkness. This individual fears not losing the self and does not need a flashlight to see in the dark, for this self knows that darkness is as much a part of the whole as the visible self; this self is comfortable without light and that is quite special. Darkness and light together create something special, and knowing one’s opposite makes one appreciate the complexities of people. The healthiest individual knows that the self’s brothers and sisters struggle between these opposites, and the healthiest self appreciates that people avoid confronting opposites to avoid revealing one’s true nature. Indeed, lust and greed are avoided to preserve society’s peaceful median. The Truth is, though, that the greatest possible society is only achieved by incorporating the opposite. When darkness is seen as kin rather than evil, life becomes stronger and we flourish. Knowing one has animal desires as well as supposedly civilized needs allows one to feel at peace in either state. Accepting reality is the essence of a peaceful mental state. Appreciating this complexity instead of avoiding our true nature is what civilized existence is actually all about, although the supposedly civilized individuals wouldn’t understand this. It’s quite sad. As for you, my faithful friend, s/he who wants to achieve the highest of spiritual states, don’t let the fearful ones tell you otherwise and for goodness sakes, don’t let them get you down.